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Interim Ontario Liberal leader says party must begin 'soul-searching'

Interim Ontario Liberal leader says party must begin 'soul-searching'The interim leader of Ontario's Liberals, who suffered a devastating defeat in the provincial election, says the party must do some "soul-searching" in order to understand where things went wrong. John Fraser, who was appointed interim leader last week after outgoing premier Kathleen Wynne resigned, says he will begin the work of rebuilding the party by consulting grassroots members. Fraser says the party will need to examine the election results which saw the Liberals spent $10 million on their campaign only to capture seven seats in the legislature.

Rescue group monitoring sick minke whale in Newfoundland harbour

Rescue group monitoring sick minke whale in Newfoundland harbourA stranded whale in eastern Newfoundland that was freed by a rescue team has again beached itself near Harbour Grace. Wayne Ledwell of Whale Release and Strandings says his group was called to Harbour Grace early Monday when residents spotted the adult minke whale in distress.

Quebec liquor store employees threaten to strike ahead of Fete nationale holiday

Quebec liquor store employees threaten to strike ahead of Fete nationale holidayEmployees with Quebec's liquor authority are threatening to strike ahead of the province's popular Fete nationale holiday. Quebec's alcohol commission has a state-enforced monopoly on hard liquor sales across the province and employs 5,500 people in roughly 400 stores. Union leaders say if voting isn't completed by the eve of the St-Jean-Baptiste holiday then the strike action could be postponed.

Crane operators off the job in Quebec, protesting new training rules

Crane operators off the job in Quebec, protesting new training rulesCrane operators disrupted work sites across Quebec on Monday with an illegal strike, according to the provincial agency that enforces construction labour rules. A spokeswoman for Quebec's Construction Commission said the agency was calling on crane operators who've been "strongly encouraged" to stay home as well as construction entrepreneurs to file a complaint. Unions representing Quebec's crane operators aren't pleased that people without a vocational diploma will be able to obtain a crane operator's certificate.

Three Alberta hockey players injured starting a campfire at a friend's house

Three Alberta hockey players injured starting a campfire at a friend's houseA player from the Lethbridge Hurricanes hockey team is in a medically induced coma after he and two others were injured at a campfire on the weekend. In a statement, the Western Hockey League says Ryan Vandervlis, a 20-year old centre with the elite major junior team, suffered severe burns. Two others — Jordy Bellerive, a Pittsburgh Penguins prospect, and alumnus Matt Alfaro — were also injured.

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